iFit™ is a complete unique contemporary Roller shade system offered exclusively by Markisol group, which incorporates hight quality fabrics, advanced hardware and the use of our proprietary automatic production.

iFit™ offers multiple hardware options for different customizing programs:

Manual Clutch

  • With child device
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect fitting
  • Smooth operation


Spring System

  • Chain free
  • Pre-tensioned
  • Easy installation
  • Outstanding quality



  • Small size
  • Easy installation
  • Smooth and Quite
  • Hight lifting capacity
  • Radio, Battery built in
  • Multi-chanel available


Dual Blind

  • Day and Night combination
  • Space-saving bracket
  • Fit to clutch, spring & motor

iFit™ blind can be customized to width with Markisol's cut-dwon machine, which save work cost, decreasing inventories and delivery time:

Download iFit Leaflet 2014

iFit movie: